Tokyo Law Leads to Censorship

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CensorshipJapanese retailers are definitely self-censoring the sale of manga after the passage of a revision of The Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youth to expand the definition of “harmful publications” and to give the Metropolitan Tokyo government more power to enforce the law.

Fearful of potential fines it’s being reported that vendors wanting to prevent selling “harmful” manga to minors are placing some titles where minors are less likely to see them.  That includes placing them with porno magazines in special sections that minors aren’t able to browse.  There are also rumors of anime possibly being censored on television.

Protests by publishers have been aimed at the Tokyo Anime Fair.  91 exhibitors have pulled out of the show leaving 153 exhibitors of which 125 are Japanese companies.  Protesters have instead organized an alternative convention the same weekend, the Anime Contents Expo.