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Review – The Vesha Valentine Story

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The Vesha Valentine Story by Des Taylor is an interesting original graphic novel.  It isn’t a traditional book in that there’s word bubbles and panels.  Instead this beautiful “pin-up storybook” has more in common with children’s illustrated books with it’s style, though not it’s content.

Cabaret or burlesque, movie or musical, Vesha Valentine came from the tough back-streets of Paris to become the greatest performer in the world.

Success though comes at a price as she is caught up in the lifestyle of hype and temptation of 1950’s Hollywood.

Follow the wonderous career of imaginary star Vesha Valentine, in a story/comicbook packed with amazing visuals which harken back to the golden age of the silver screen.

The story feels right at home with movies such as Dreamgirls and Burlesque, following the career of musical divas with larger than life performances that go along with their larger than life personalities.  The story is very entertaining and the style it’s told is entertaining and different, a nice change from what I was expecting, a normal comic book.  The visuals are beautiful, sexy and at the same time tasteful with homages to pin up art and golden age Hollywood art.

The series is different, and fans of musicals and Hollywood will love it’s predictable but still entertaining story.  The art just enhances and drives the story and the two together create a graphic novel that’s a definite buy.

Story: Des Taylor has put together an interesting story that feels like Dreamgirls mixed with E! True Hollywood Stories.  You know there’s going to be tragedy and lots of up and downs along with that great ending, but you don’t care, cause it’s entertaining.  This is for those folks that just love that time in Hollywood when things were classic and glamorous.  Rating: 8.25

Art: Taylor’s art is amazing.  It’s modern but also harks back to classic pin-up art of the 40’s and 50’s.  It’s beautiful and sexy to look at and just a great homage to it all.  Rating: 10

Overall: This is a pin-up gallery set to a story.  The art is the draw, but the story is solid as well.  If you like classic Hollywood starlets or pin-up art, this is an absolute buy.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 88 pages    Price: $12.95     Release: Out Now

SLG Publishing provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.