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Review – Witchblade #141

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Witchblade #141 COVA_stampedThe second of a simple two-parter, Witchblade #141 is a pretty entertaining comic, and one I didn’t know how it’d conclude.  Written by Ron Marz and Saurav Mohapatra the “Paper Monsters” storyline is pretty straightforward but entertaining.  The villains, children who can create monster.  The dilemma, how do you deal with them?

Sara Pezzini has investigated countless bizarre crimes, but her latest case may be the most shocking yet! Pezzini and her detective partner have encountered monsters and demons before, but these latest supernatural terrors seem to be born from the imagination of an innocent child.

The story was entertaining and I liked the quandary that Sara Pezzini’s in when it comes to how to deal with it.  It’s not like you can arrest the kids, or kill them (well you could, but I doubt Marz or Mohaptatra are that twisted).  The main chunk of the book is Pezznini and her partner fighting monsters, but it still works thanks to art by Stjepan Sejic.  Sejic’s art just rocks with this issue, and I know I’m often times critical of it.  I really enjoyed it, as it added greatly to the mood.

This is the conclusion of a two part story, and it’s a fun one overall.  If you’ve never read a Witchblade comic these two issues are great ones to pick up to see what it’s all about.  Simple and fun.

Plot: Marz and Mohapatra have put together a simple two part story that’s fun and entertaining.  The story is simple, and it’s pretty clear who the villains are.  The fun part is how it’s all dealt with.  And more importantly it kept me on my toes as to how it’d conclude.  The story’s straight forward, but that in no way doesn’t mean it’s not good.  Rating: 8.25

Art: Sejic’s art is fantastic in these two issues but for some reason really sticks out to me with this one.  Some times his style lacks detail since it’s more of a painted style.  But the use of reds and it’s shades just adds a menacing feel to it all and enhances the mood.  The look of the monsters are fantastic with some great detail.  Beyond solid work.  Rating: 8.75

Overall: This is an entertaining and fun two part story and a perfect point to hop on and check out what a Witchblade story is all about.  The coloring and art by Sejic just stands out to me enhancing the mood.  While it’s never in doubt who the bad guy is, it doesn’t mean it’s simple as to how they’re dealt with.  Very entertaining and I highly recommend.  Overall rating: 8.5

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $2.99     Release: Out Now

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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