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Review – Incredible Change-Bots Two

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Incredible Change-Bots TwoSpoofs are a tough one.  They either work remarkably well, skewering their source material and providing a good laugh, or it feels like a cheap shop that’s neither funny or inciteful as to the small quirks that we overlook from the source material.  Incredible Change-Bots Two by Jeffrey Brown pulls it off though and got me laughing at numerous points.

Four years ago, an alien race of shape-changing robots came to Earth, fired ray guns at each other for a while, then gave up and flew away. But they left behind one thing: Shootertron, the semi-cunning leader of the evil Fantasticons! Fortunately for Earth, Shootertron’s memory is a little fuzzy. Unfortunately for Earth, the rest of the Incredible Change-Bots seem to be on their way back…

It’s all-new action, drama, and comedy as Shootertron struggles to find an identity on Earth and the rest of the Change-Bots struggle to accomplish much of anything. Hilarious and gleefully childlike, Jeffrey Brown’s Incredible Change-Bots Two is a nostalgic tribute not only to Saturday morning cartoons but also to Jeffrey Brown’s Incredible Change-Bots One

The series is pretty damn funny and a great spoof of the Transformers series.  It mocks it but at the same time holds it up for what we love about it.  It’s filled with the lame robots that often cropped up, and really as a whole even Go-Bots could kick this crowd’s ass.

The art is hard to describe and works well for the series.  The humor is consistent throughout, with slight digs that got me to think how often some of these “quirks” came up in the source material it spoofs.  It shows love for the material it takes on, keeps it original and kept me entertained.

Plot: Brown puts together an entertaining and funny spoof of robots who change into stuff.  There’s some great digs, and enough that got me to laugh numerous times.  There’s a love for the source material, but it also doesn’t hold back at what also makes it silly and all those small things we overlook.  Rating: 8

Art: The art is basic, but works quite well, with most of the characters in box shapes like you’d expect of robots.  It works well and at times adds to the overall story.  Rating: 7.5

Overall: Funny?  Yes!  Gets the source material it makes fun of?  Yes!  It does what it needs to, and got me to laugh over and over.  It’s entertaining for adults and kids alike, and more than worth checking out.  Overall rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 140 pages    Price: $14.95     Release: March 2011

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