Comic Retailer Learns It’s Best Not to Threaten Elected Officials

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Travis CorcoranWe previously covered Travis Corcoran of Heavy Ink and his blog post claiming that it was ok to shoot and assassinate elected officials and their staffers.  Well the comic book community isn’t the only one to notice, police decided to do their job and look into that threat.

In his blog post 1 down and 534 to go, Corcoran praised the shooting of Rep. Giffords and justified them as a legitimate form of protest.

Well, Arlington, MA police didn’t take too kindly to those comments and seized a a “large amount” of weapons and ammunition from Corcoran.  Though he’s not currently facing any charges Arlington police Captain Robert Bongiorno said they “certainly take this as a credible threat” and that multiple agencies were involved.

Think Progress goes into further detail on Corcoran’s philosophy which he’s attempted to defend and explain numerous times since his initial inflammatory blog post.  Sadly he’s taken down most of those blog posts, guess he really stands behind them.