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Wizkids Announces Giant Size X-Men Heroclix Plans

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Heroclix Giant Size X-MenWizkids has announced it’s Buy It By the Brick program for it’s upcoming Giant Size X-Men release.  The new set is released March 16th the set includes a new item, the Super Booster which include  Nemesis, Onslaught, and the Sentinels.  One Super Booster comes packed with eight five-figure Booster Packs in Bricks, and stores can pre-order one additional Super Booster with each Brick ordered.

The set includes 58 new figures.  The Buy It By the Brick program with Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) being available at stores.

Organized play kits will also be available to stores.  ach Kit will support ten weeks of events, including prizes for first and second place, a fellowship drawing, and a judge reward. A suggested tournament schedule and prize distribution format is also included.

Kit contents are 15 Limited Edition figures (three copies of variant paint jobs of five different figures, each with a character card), 18 3-D objects (nine each of two different objects, each of which will have a special game effect), ten 24” x 36” maps, and an instruction sheet.

Retailers may buy one OP Kit with two GSX cases, two with seven GSX cases, and three with 12 GSX cases (that’s the max per store).