X-Universe Superlatives for 2010

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As I was researching that last post, I saw a bunch of other things that jumped out at me and figured I’d come up with a best and worst of the year in the X-comics…

Best On-going Series: Uncanny X-Force

Worst On-Going Series: X-Men Forever

Best Canceled Series: X-Force

Worst Canceled Series: Wolverine Origins

Best Mini-Series: Dark X-Men

Worst Mini-Series: Psylocke

Best One-Shot: X-Factor Nation X

Worst One-Shot: X-Men Hope

Most Pointless Series: X-Men Legacy, the name doesn’t even mean anything at this point

Best Art: Clayton Crain in X-Force and Jerome Opena in Uncanny X-Force

Most Epic Art: Astonishing X-Men

Worst Art: Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenisis

Most Awe-Inspiring Shot: Hulk ripping Wolverine in half in Wolverine #900

Hulk Ripping Wolverine in half (Click image to enlarge)

Worst Shot: Beast drawn to look like Chester Cheetah in Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age

Best Battle Sequence: New Mutants vs. Inferno Babies in New Mutants #18

Best Costumes: X-Force

Worst Costumes: The yellow and black “G.I. Joe” uniforms with hats in Xenogenesis

Most Stylish X-Character: Daken

Best Couple: Daken & Mystique

Worst Couple: Emma Frost and anyone other than Cyclops, they really should drop her infatuations/dalliances with people from her past

New Mutants #13 Best Cover: New Mutants #13 (Click image to enlarge)

Worst Cover: Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis #3, Emma Frost with hips broader than her shoulders, a waist smaller than her head, a boob window like Power Girl with her bra showing, suggestively tonguing pancakes while sitting on a “chair” of Scott Summers on all fours dressed in the worst costume of the year. And it actually looks worse than that description.

Best Guest Appearance: Blade in Curse of the Mutants

Worst Guest Appearance: Ruby Thursday in Wolverine: Origins

Best Quote: Victoria Hand: “Director Osborn sends his compliments. And asks you to join him for some torture.” (Dark X-Men #5)

Best Story: Dark Wolverine #87, there aren’t great “moments” here, but this is the story of Daken flirting with and seducing a man in Italy and trying to figure out if he’s going to sleep with him or kill him. Adventurous storytelling at its best.

Worst Story (tie): “Skin Deep” from X-Men vs. Vampires #2, one of the worst fat-hating stories I’ve seen outside of Deadpool, “Ice Cream Alamo” in Nation X #4, Thunderbird, the native American character, nearly kills other X-Men over ice cream. Seriously. In a story with “Alamo” in the title. Seriously.

Best Villain: Bishop in Cable #22-25

Worst Villain: The vampire weight watchers lady from X-Men vs. Vampires #2‘s “Skin Deep”

Character I Want to See More Of: Darwin from X-Factor

Character I Want to See Less Of: Deadpool, I love him, but jeez is he overexposed these days

Comic I Want to See Published More Often: Astonishing X-Men, it’s great when it is published

Comic I Want to See Published Less Often: X-Men Forever, this series is so bad, it deserves its own separate post

Dumbest Character Still Being Used: Doop. Seriously. (Nation X #4)

Stupidest Thing In X-Comics All Year: A vampire whale, complete with giant fangs in X-Men vs. Vampires #2

Worst/Most Stereotypical Character: Vampire blaxploitation character Sheba Sugarfangs in X-Men vs. Vampires #1

Sheba Sugarfangs


  • Great list! X-Factor Nation X was great for the reasons you list. I think i like the art on Uncanny more than Astonishing but I didn’t start reading Uncanny till halfway through the year.

    Right there with you re Emma and Scott who must be my fave X couple and one of the best couples In comics.

    The art on Xenogenisis was aweful. That cover with the pancakes & freakish popeye arms on Cyclops– boyfriend saw the cover and said “are you seriously reading that?!” I replied “yes, it is awful but at least we know she’s eating cuz I couldn’t have told otherwise”. That whole book really sucked. Re-reading Planetary & Authority now really makes me ask why is he slacking?!

  • I liked Dodson’s art on Uncanny better than Portacio, but while both are pretty good, I love what Jimenez and Lanning do with Astonishing.

    I haven’t read Planetary or Authority yet, but I keep hearing good things about them.