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Act-I-Vate and Support Primates

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It’s always nice to see comic books being used to support a charity.  Panels for Primates is orchestrated by Act-I-Vate‘s Troy Wilson.  The webcomic series only deals with stories about monkeys and is raising money for the Primate Rescue Center.

The Primate Rescue Center’s April Truitt has said 100% of the donations are being used to care for the center’s 50 residents.

We provide lifetime care for monkeys and apes who are cast off from biomedical research, the exotic pet trade, roadside zoos, and the entertainment industry,” Truitt explained. “While it might not occur to most folks that this is a widespread problem in the U.S., we and all our sanctuary colleagues operate at full capacity and maintain a waiting list for new arrivals.

Panels for Primates