Preview – World Of Archie Double Digest #3

Official Press Release


“Role Reversal Day” & “Drawing Attention”.

Teachers run amok on campus as students and faculty switch places for “Role Reversal Day”! Then, Chuck’s exaggerated caricatures for the school newspaper are “Drawing Attention,” but not the way they were meant to! Can Chuck clear up the creative confusion?

SCRIPT: Paul Kupperberg, Bill Golliher

ART: Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Jim Amash, Ken Selig, Phil Felix, Barry Grossman

COVER: Fernando Ruiz, Jon D’Agostino, and Tito Pena

Shipping Date: DEC 22, 2010

On Sale at Comic Shops: DEC 29, 2010

Newsstands: JAN 11, 2011

Digest, 160 pgs, 30 lb newsprint, Full-Color

$3.99 US

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