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More CoCC and Thor aka They’re Racists

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When I visited the Council of Concerned Citizens website to read their blog post calling for a boycott of the upcoming Thor movie I somehow got into their chat system.

While you can’t label the “thoughts” of a website for everyone in a chat (ahem, trolls) there is something to say about the company you keep (and also the fact that everyone attacks the one person trying to use reason).  Keep in mind there was no damning of the blatantly racist comments.

I stuck around for about an hour.  I’ve posted the full transcript of the chatroom discussions without editing (other than formatting and bolding highlights).  You can make a decision for yourself as to whether or not these folks are racists.

The full discussion is below the fold.  We’ve not edited this one bit other than clean it up to make it easier to read and we’ve also bolded some of the more interesting statements.

Kyle Rogers – 9:23 PM – Hey. Have you been able to private message people ok.

Ian Restil – 9:24 PM – yes, we’ve been using a private chat this evening … invites work, everything’s goo

Kyle Rogers – 9:25 PM – alright, good

John Rocker – 9:25 PM – how about putting a link to on the boycott thor site since its getting a lot of outside people looking at it?

Kyle Rogers – 9:26 PM – I am. The site is brand new. I just started it last Wednesday. I’ll have to wait till after Christmas to start some of the other things I want to do with it

John Rocker – 9:27 PM – Cool. A prominent link would drive a lot of people to the site though that go there after reading some libtard going ballistic over the boycott thor site

Kyle Rogers – 9:29 PM – is up to 25,000 visitors so far today

In the past 30 minutes people from 10 foreign countries visited

Ian Restil – 9:30 PM – those are fantastic numbers

Kyle Rogers – 9:30 PM – Someone from Kazakhstan just visited the site

Ian Restil – 9:31 PM – Borat

Kyle Rogers – 9:31 PM – I say an IP from Azerbaijan earlier

Ian Restil – 9:33 PM – that’s a lot of hits. If it gets above 100,000 daily, that means a lot. You need to cultivate readership.

Kyle Rogers – 9:34 PM – Our Alexa rating has steadily grown consistently since I became webmaster 4 years ago.

Ian Restil – 9:34 PM – excellent. Do you guys have a reasonable budget? Is there ever talk of moving “to the next level”?

Kyle Rogers – 9:35 PM – Well adding this chat has moved it to the next level.

Ian Restil – 9:35 PM – yep! this is the kind of thing that brings people back every day

Kyle Rogers – 9:36 PM – We already saw a rise in traffic because of the chat even before the Thor thing started.

Ian Restil – 9:36 PM – once people participate, they increase their visit time

there’s not to many places to chat where you can speak your mind

James Valls – 9:40 PM – Unfortunately, most visitors who come here are hostile to what CofCC and its principles it stands for.

Kyle Rogers – 9:42 PM – not really.

johnnie – 9:42 PM – people will come around, the main thing is they read and start asking questjons, and once they start finding the answers for them selves, they will slowly start to wake up.

Kyle Rogers – 9:43 PM – We got a lot of people coming on the chat from Britain through the UK Guardian article that were supporters.

Kenneth Dickman – 9:43 PM – amen, johnny

Kyle Rogers – 9:43 PM – What you have to keep in mind is the vast majority of visitors don’t use the chat. And we had some left-wing site recruiting people to come disrupt the chat

Ian Restil – 9:44 PM – can anonymous visitors enter the public chat room?

Shotgun_S – 9:45 PM – Howdy

Ian Restil – 9:45 PM – hi shotgun

Shotgun_S – 9:46 PM – Anything interesting going on this evening?

Ian Restil – 9:46 PM – was talking conspiracy stuff with johnnie :)

Shotgun_S – 9:46 PM – Ah. That’s always interesting.

Kyle Rogers – 9:47 PM – I’m looking at Comic Alliance. They have now writen about the Thor thing twice. All the do is crudely attack us. They say in the second article that the first got more comments than any article in the sites history. I skimmed through the comments and a bunch were agreeing with us.

Ian Restil – 9:47 PM – i love it, but it’s not for everyone

Shotgun_S – 9:47 PM – I try to slip some conspiracy theories into casual conversation. It seems to intrigue most people who have never really heard good conspiracy theories. Hey Kyle, are they offering to discuss it with you guys?

Ian Restil – 9:47 PM – i’ll invite you to our conspiracy chat room

Shotgun_S – 9:48 PM – Maybe you could get on FOX news!

Kyle Rogers – 9:48 PM – You know, I’ve gotten other people radio interviews before.

Shotgun_S – 9:48 PM – Thanks

Kyle Rogers – 9:49 PM – I could probably hustle myself a bunch right now. I just don’t have the time. I have to drive across the Eastern half of the US and back for Christmas. I will be tied up.

Shotgun_S – 9:49 PM – And, not all of us have magical reindeer to help make the journey

Kyle Rogers – 9:49 PM – I did have one e-mail from a Staten Island talk radio host about tomorrow morning. I gave him my number and he never called.

Shotgun_S – 9:49 PM – hmm

Kyle Rogers – 9:50 PM – I’ve been interviewed for CofCC stuff on a local right-wing radio talk show four times before.

Ian Restil – 9:50 PM – were they fair?

Shotgun_S – 9:51 PM – You’ll probably get the hard balls though, if you made it onto FOX or CNN or something like that

Ian Restil – 9:51 PM – no national show would treat you fairly

Shotgun_S – 9:51 PM – Yeah

Jonhathan Bowden – 9:52 PM – any one here attending AMREN

James Valls – 9:53 PM – Hey Kyle, are you planning to go AmRen, if you have a chance?

Shotgun_S – 9:53 PM – Howdy Bowden. You talking about the one down in Charlotte?

Jonhathan Bowden – 9:53 PM – this is. yes

Shotgun_S – 9:54 PM – Well, as you may imagine, I’m not comfortable with letting anonymous folks in chatrooms know of my plans, but I will say that the AmRen conference looks very appealing.

Jonhathan Bowden – 9:56 PM – it should be fantastic

Shotgun_S – 9:57 PM – Hopefully the Marxists will let it commence this go-round.

I registered for the last one, only to have my money refunded

Hell, I lived in D.C. and was about 15 miles away from where they finally ended up meeting, but was never told they were going to meet afterall.

John Boehner – 9:58 PM – hi guys. HELLO?!

Shotgun_S – 9:59 PM – Howdy John. Welcome to the chat

John Boehner – 10:00 PM – Is this chat full of trolls or what?

mekong delta – 10:00 PM – blacks are taking over my neighborhood and I can’t sell my house. another victory for hate whitey crowd.

Shotgun_S – 10:00 PM – Not this evening. Seems rather civil.

Kyle Rogers – 10:00 PM – Yes, I’m going to Amren

mekong delta – 10:00 PM – Did the NAACP chimp out at the secession ball last night?

John Boehner – 10:01 PM – I wanted to go to the secession ball, but I didn’t have a date

Shotgun_S – 10:01 PM – … we have to have a date for that?

mekong delta – 10:01 PM – the girls who go to those 1860 balls are all scared of men

Kyle Rogers – 10:01 PM – scared of men?

John Boehner – 10:01 PM – I would have looked AWFULLY silly attending a ball by myself!

Kyle Rogers – 10:02 PM – I went to one in Montgomery Once

mekong delta – 10:02 PM – lots of the Civil War press is now consumed with Inclusion. Lots of blacks are filling the pages. Whites can’t have anything that’s just ours. God must be really mad at us.

Shotgun_S – 10:02 PM – John, you’ll have to go to Charlotte early and hit up one of the bars nearby

mekong delta – 10:03 PM – CNN had some dark liberal on tonight complaingin that Haley Barbour didn’t say how terrible segregation was. Good to see the Citizens Council get some P.R. My White Sentiments increased dramatically when I read about their valiant efforts to save the White Humanity from mongrelization.

John Boehner – 10:04 PM – I don’t think my white sentiments could get any bigger!! I love the COCC and will donate much of my money.

mekong delta – 10:04 PM – White Right, White Now!!! Negroes destroy everything we give them.

John Boehner – 10:05 PM – Amen brother, my new neighbors are black and I can already tell I won’t be able to sell this house.

mekong delta – 10:06 PM – Thomas Jefferson was our kind of Whitey!

“To our reproach it must be said, that though for a century and a half we have had under our eyes the races of black and of red men, they have never yet been viewed by us as subjects of natural history. advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications. Will not a lover of natural history then, one who views the gradations in all the races of animals with the eye of philosophy, excuse an effort to keep those in the department of man as distinct as nature has formed them? This unfortunate difference of colour, and perhaps of faculty, is a powerful obstacle to the emancipation of these people. Many of their advocates, while they wish to vindicate the liberty of human nature, are anx

are anxious also to preserve its dignity and beauty. Some of these, embarrassed by the question `What further is to be done with them?’ join themselves in opposition with those who are actuated by sordid avarice only. Among the Romans emancipation required but one effort. The slave, when made free, might mix with, without staining the blood of his master. But with us a second is necessary, unknown to history. When freed, he is to be removed beyond the reach of mixture.”

-Thomas Jefferson, NOTES ON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, 1787

A free negro should always be removed. Back to Africa is where they belong if they are free. That eternal wisdom remains true, and the evidence continues to mount that it is now a matter of survival.

Shotgun_S – 10:08 PM – You sound like a troll, Mr. Delta

mekong delta – 10:08 PM – what is a troLL?

Shotgun_S – 10:08 PM – It’s a popular term for someone who comes to a website to cause problems.

Kyle Rogers – 10:08 PM – Just please don’t copy and paste large blocks of text

Shotgun_S – 10:09 PM – Many people come here claiming to really believe certain caricatures of a “conservative” position

Kyle Rogers – 10:09 PM – it’s too large for the chat program and no one is going to read it

mekong delta – 10:09 PM – Is it a problem to look for common cause in helping the blacks get back home to Africa. Don’t they want to go?

johnnie – 10:10 PM – if they do i will help sponser a few of them..just doing my civic duty

Shotgun_S – 10:10 PM – lol

Mississippi Mike – 10:11 PM – i think its the mexicans that have to be returned first

mekong delta – 10:11 PM – I engage in random acts of White Kindness- to Whites Only! Blacks are here only because we’ve failed to give them the kindness they deserve and that we owe them: a boat ride back to darkes Ghana.

johnnie – 10:12 PM – well i got a 15 foot boat i can bring the first 7, they better get the seats while they last, space is limited.

mekong delta – 10:12 PM – When I’m not giving the blacks my kind wishes for a fast and safe trip home, I’m giving them solidified contempt for what a mess they’ve made out of my nation.

Shotgun_S – 10:13 PM – Johnnie…if I had a 15 foot boat, I’d have beer and fishing poles! lol

david larson – 10:14 PM – The Haitians were invited to move back to Africa,but I think pretty much all declined.Even though offered land with water.

johnnie – 10:14 PM – i can take all that out for my maiden voyage.

Frank – 10:14 PM – Ah Kyle apologies for quoting a large block yesterday – I was rushed and hadn’t realised…

Shotgun_S – 10:15 PM – Howdy Frank

Frank – 10:15 PM – hey

david larson – 10:15 PM – Sorry I’m behind,I switched entry info.Since I learned Facebook is owned by a closet JEWish person.

mekong delta – 10:15 PM – I revel in prejudice, and so should you. Burke said that justified prejudice renders a man’s duty into his virtue. I don’t shy from being a racist- I embrace it, cultivate it, noursh it, and try to spread it as much as possible. I am what the splc jews call a “hateful and pernicious racist who spews virulent and toxic rhetoric.”

david larson – 10:16 PM – Amen mekong delta!

Frank – 10:16 PM – Oh, Shotgun you’re a kinist – nice to see you here

I’m the same idiot from kinism too

david larson – 10:17 PM – What do you think of what’s going on in Minsk?

James Valls – 10:18 PM – Old, Soviet style repression.

david larson – 10:18 PM – One hundred percent!

Kyle Rogers – 10:18 PM – Belarus?

white person – 10:18 PM – ?

Shotgun_S – 10:18 PM – Howdy Frank…you’re not THE Frank from are you?

david larson – 10:18 PM – Yes,Belarus

white person – 10:18 PM – so can black people join this club?

Kyle Rogers – 10:19 PM – Anyone can join.

david larson – 10:19 PM – Yes,blacks too.

Frank – 10:19 PM – haha i’m the one and only, shotgun

Shotgun_S – 10:19 PM – Well met!! It’s true, I suppose: I am a “kinist”

johnnie – 10:20 PM – my god, what is going on here

white person – 10:20 PM – ok, well why are all of the issues raised here somehow complaints about black people doing bad things to white people, yet there are incidents of white people also doing bad things to black people?

Shotgun_S – 10:20 PM – I’ve benefited a lot from your commentary in the past!

SBuffalo Native – 10:20 PM – Your point being…?

Shotgun_S – 10:21 PM – Howdy Buff…

white person – 10:21 PM – this is about conservative citizens of america? Conservative doesnt mean “white first”

SBuffalo Native – 10:21 PM – Hey shot.

Frank – 10:21 PM – Oh really? glad to hear it, had doubted many read them – I’ve enjoyed some of yours as well

david larson – 10:21 PM – White person,I’ve had alot of black friends.Obama has done more to cause division than anyone that ever lived.I voted for him after all of Bush’s Bull++++12]

johnnie – 10:21 PM – white person what we are talking about is the difference between the amounts that the crimes happen

SBuffalo Native – 10:21 PM – Why are you here WP?

white person – 10:21 PM – David, that doesnt answer my question and your opinion of Obama is not what i see as accurate. the amounts are based on what one will find when they look. You will agree whites get off easier for the same crime than blacks

SBuffalo Native – 10:22 PM – No.

white person – 10:22 PM – yes. sit in a courtroom

Shotgun_S – 10:22 PM – Yes: finding was like finding “home”

white person – 10:22 PM – white police officers shoot an unarmed black man, they will get a light sentance

SBuffalo Native – 10:23 PM – Do you sit in courtrooms?

johnnie – 10:23 PM – because they are 1st time offenders

white person – 10:23 PM – and no where do you see black cops shooting white suspects like that they are first time offenders because they were let off the last time

SBuffalo Native – 10:23 PM – If blacks stopped committing crime, they wouldn’t be shot.

david larson – 10:23 PM – W.P. when hispanics are charged with a crime they are more often than not called white.But when a victim called hispanic.Obama wants them for votes.

white person – 10:24 PM – its like saying I didnt do anythign wrong because i wasnt convicted

James Valls – 10:24 PM – The reason they classify the mestizos and mulattoes of Latin America as “white”, I think it has to with their agenda.

white person – 10:24 PM – hispanics is another conversation. you dont seem to have a problem using hispanics to bolster the white numbers

no its your agenda

how many white people in America? 67%

david larson – 10:25 PM – Like clinton didn’t inhale,and monica didn’t SWa====!

white person – 10:25 PM – why? becuas you count hispanics

Shotgun_S – 10:25 PM – The “immigration” issue is not so nearly complex as it’s being made out to be.

white person – 10:25 PM – now back to the actual point i was making. because im not here to talk about hispanics

Shotgun_S – 10:25 PM – The ambiguity arises when white conservatives wish to hide their racial sentiments in pragmatic and legal argumentation.

SBuffalo Native – 10:25 PM – WP, you don’t not control the topic.

white person – 10:25 PM – yes and neither do you. im not going to go digressing about hispanics

James Valls – 10:26 PM – By calling them “white”, they can artificially jack up the percentage of crimes that are commited by whites, and the media and gov’t can say “Oh, look the whites are comm itting so much crime too!!”

Frank – 10:26 PM – Racial classification is supposed to be according to personal identity not biological reality, so perhaps a case exists where Hispancs are defined properly as Amerindians or Aztecs etc.

SBuffalo Native – 10:26 PM – We will answer as we see fit.

david larson – 10:26 PM – James that is exactly the point!

white person – 10:26 PM – so anyway, this entire thing about whites and crime is bogus. White criminals not hispanic commit a substantially larger amount of crime than they are convicted of

James Valls – 10:27 PM – Of course, within Latin America itself, the most swarthiest of the society are called “Indios de mierda” in Spanish.

white person – 10:27 PM – and the fact that whites in small cities build meth labs, use cocaine, and distribute drugs without hardly being busted is a known fact, every small town in america has a meth epidemic

Frank – 10:27 PM – wha? the system is anti-white…

johnnie – 10:27 PM – yea white person its just one more way that whitey keeps the black man down

white person – 10:27 PM – Frank – the whole “im totally unaware of the obvious” routine doesnt work anymore “wha?”

Frank – 10:27 PM – James really? But in the US the propaganda is they’re the “bronzed race” or some such

white person – 10:28 PM – The system is definitely pro-white. a black man won the vote and is accused of being some divider of races, and of being an illegal and so on…

Frank – 10:28 PM – I know they value light skinned girls, but that seems universal

Shotgun_S – 10:28 PM – lol

white person – 10:28 PM – and you guys are boycotting THOR over a black actor in a role? hilarious

Shotgun_S – 10:28 PM – Yeah…

david larson – 10:28 PM – Obama is the divider.

Shotgun_S – 10:28 PM – He’s the same troll that’s been visiting us for the past few days

white person – 10:28 PM – when whites are cast as ancient egyptians you didnt protest

SBuffalo Native – 10:28 PM – You can live in a black nation and be pro black.

Frank – 10:29 PM – wp, i have a progressive arguing that culture comes before politics if you want the link

white person – 10:29 PM – and ive never been in here but i dont care if you think i have

johnnie – 10:29 PM – black are not egyptians

david larson – 10:29 PM – Cleopatra was actually caucasian.

Frank – 10:29 PM – those who deal with real politics fight the culture war

white person – 10:29 PM – and Frank that argument of yours is one of the “moral” foundations of German National Socialism in the 1920s

SBuffalo Native – 10:29 PM – WP: Homicide Trends by Race:…

Shotgun_S – 10:29 PM – That, my friends, is known as the “reductio ad hitlerum”

Frank – 10:29 PM – wp, NS also believed people should eat food…

white person – 10:30 PM – yes, when you use hitleric justifications

Shotgun_S – 10:30 PM – Hence, eating food is the ultimate evil

david larson – 10:30 PM – Don’t start on German National socialism!

white person – 10:30 PM – Social policy dictating politics by way of “cultural” and “racial” norms is evil…

Frank – 10:30 PM – NS is a foreign movement anyway – this is an entirely different country…

white person – 10:30 PM – You started it by bringint it up with your silly link

Ok then Frank, stop acting like NS and act like an American

Frank – 10:31 PM – i was pointing out that even progressives agree – if NS do too then that’s merely one more group

SBuffalo Native – 10:31 PM – You know nothing of facts. You only have your beliefs.

white person – 10:31 PM – You guys champion southern culture right? Yet half the people of the ante-bellum south were black… yet you don’t give any real acknowledgement of it

Frank – 10:31 PM – i’m a native to america – my ancestors came here in 1690

white person – 10:31 PM – Yes so did mine

Tom Fitzgerald – 10:31 PM – Should women serve on the front line?

SBuffalo Native – 10:31 PM – Do they want to be included?

white person – 10:32 PM – anyhow, so when you make particular points that come from the ideology of hitler, i will certainly raise the relationship

NBF CSA KIGY – 10:32 PM – Anybody here read Counter Currents blog?

johnnie – 10:32 PM – wp you have no proof of that. you probobly got here last week

white person – 10:32 PM – Yes, why don you look at the census data of the time. Or are you going to say white dominated southern census workers were somehow inflating the black population

Shotgun_S – 10:33 PM – I read Counter Currents from time to time

NBF CSA KIGY – 10:33 PM – What did Winston Smith tell us last Sat. about his daily web sites?

johnnie – 10:33 PM – and you line goes back that far

white person – 10:33 PM – See how misinforme dyou are? I say that blacks were half the people of the south and you are so blind to the fact you just dismiss it hilarious

Frank – 10:33 PM – some of winston smith’s stuff can be found at james edwards’s blog

SBuffalo Native – 10:33 PM – Idi Amin Dada

white person – 10:33 PM – i bet you think the first humans were white, or that adam and even in the bible were white (they lived near Ethiopia, but somehow were white)

SBuffalo Native – 10:34 PM – Do blacks WANT to be included in Souther history?

Shotgun_S – 10:34 PM – I thought the recent discuss Rene’ Guenon was fantastic

white person – 10:34 PM – Or my favorite, the “real” ancient Egyptians were white

Blacks WERE southern history. there is no “want to be included”

johnnie – 10:34 PM – so blacks are the oldes people on earth , is that what you are saying

white person – 10:34 PM – Thats like me asking you, do you WANT to be included in American history? God awfully ignorant

Shotgun_S – 10:34 PM – I’ve been studying some of the Romantics lately, through the lens of Owen Barfield. Barfield focuses on Rudolph Steiner and Coleridge

white person – 10:34 PM – Im saying you cant live near Ethiopia and say you were white thats absurd

Shotgun_S – 10:35 PM – but, that’s the only article I’ve read from Counter Currents recently. They’re a very intriguing bunch, for sure.

Kyle Rogers – 10:35 PM – There are Ethiopians now who say they are Hebrews

SBuffalo Native – 10:35 PM – If blacks are as great as you believe, why do they beg whites do save them from themselves?

Kyle Rogers – 10:36 PM – There are multitudes of blacks who pretend they are Berbers and Arabs.

johnnie – 10:36 PM – if blacks are the oldest people on earth, they have truely wasted a lot of air, they have never contrubuted anything to a civilized society. yes pretend, they want to be anything but black

Shotgun_S – 10:37 PM – Winston Smith was chatting in here last Saturday

Frank – 10:37 PM – i’m all for black pride though – i’d like for some racial diversity to be preserved via diversity of nations

Kyle Rogers – 10:37 PM – Along the southern border of the Sahara, you have a lot of very Negro people who fantasize that they are North African Caucasoids from the other side of the Sahara.

Shotgun_S – 10:37 PM – and, mentioned the Kinist trifecta of websites: spirit water blood, and Mr. Cambria. I can honestly say that I’ve never fantasized about being a negro.

Frank – 10:39 PM – it’d be rather boring if we were all white – there’s a greater sense of identity and distinction given via the natural diversity. i mean again diversity of nations…

Kyle Rogers – 10:39 PM – Ebony magazine even did an article about it and said it’s the most race obsessed region of the world, and said all you see is black people oppressing even darker black people.

Shotgun_S – 10:40 PM – Interesting

Frank – 10:40 PM – they still have slavery too i’ve heard. really, if the white Christian West collapses further, we might see a global resurgence of slavery… we’re the ones who ended it…

Shotgun_S – 10:41 PM – Frank, what would you say to someone who objects to your idea: That eventually, the world population will rise to the point that one of the races will have to win out in the end.

SBuffalo Native – 10:41 PM – Blacks beg to live in white neighorhoods and go to white schools and work in white businesses. When blacks are left alone, they devolve.

Kyle Rogers – 10:41 PM – Whites from Britain and America are the ones who freed all the Negro slaves in the Middle East

Frank – 10:41 PM – Shotgun, i’m certainly in favour of Europeans being dominant in the world

Kyle Rogers – 10:42 PM – Saudi Arabia didn’t fre ethem until 1956

Frank – 10:42 PM – America would have remained dominant post-WWII had it chosen to

James Valls – 10:42 PM – And in Sudan, Mauretania, Yemen and Chad, slavery still exists to this day.

Frank – 10:43 PM – “dominant” doesn’t mean oppression – via trade protection we could have maintained our industrial base

Kyle Rogers – 10:43 PM – Saudi Arabia still has indentured servitude.

Shotgun_S – 10:43 PM – Well, it’s a common quip among Southerners that the “War” didn’t end slavery, it just enlarged the plantation.

SBuffalo Native – 10:43 PM – Ivory Coast is the next African crisis.

Kyle Rogers – 10:43 PM – Haiti has legalized child slavery

Shotgun_S – 10:43 PM – But, I suppose you guys are referring to the more direct manifestation

Frank – 10:43 PM – haha that’s good shotgun – we took up a global white man’s burden

James Valls – 10:44 PM – Yeah, a lot of Ethiopian and Filipino maids are living in almost slave like conditions.

Kyle Rogers – 10:44 PM – The authorities in NJ just busted some immigrants from Ghana for having something like twenty slaves.

Shotgun_S – 10:44 PM – I heard about that. Why do you guys suppose that, among the Europeans, the dignity of man was raised to such a degree that slavery seems offensive in most contexts?

James Valls – 10:46 PM – Considering how in Africa slavery is seen as being “acceptable”, will the people start realizing that the main reason why the whites bought and imported African slaves to the americas in the first place, it’s due to them being sold into slavery by their fellow Africans in the first place?

Shotgun_S – Sign In10:46 PM – hmm. I never liked that argument

SBuffalo Native – 10:47 PM – Whites (and Asians) build civilizations, blacks destroy them

Shotgun_S – 10:47 PM – It’s too much like an apology for the actions of our ancestors.

Frank – 10:47 PM – yea, i prefer blaming the Yankees and Europeans for selling us the slaves haha. not that i’m anti-Yankee…

Shotgun_S – 10:47 PM – I’m not sure how Christian it would be of me to say, but I do enjoy countering with something like: “Well, negros really do make good slaves…” just to see the looks on people’s faces

Frank – 10:48 PM – haha

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