Heroclix – Dr. Manhattan

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Wizkids will be releasing Dr. Manhattan in the Spring of 2011 and it will be playable with other Heroclix figures.  The retailer exclusive will include a new dial and new map.

Heroclix Dr ManhattanFrom the Wizkids website:

Per the special rules accompanying Dr. Manhattan, the special terrain cannot be damaged or destroyed, but it does change according to Manhattan’s Empathy Dial (only used during scenario play).   Clockwork Terrain can become any terrain type depending on where the Empathy dial is set at any given point in the scenario.  If your arguements and attacks gain his attention, you can convince Dr. Manhattan to shed his aloofness and return to Earth with you in order to stave off armageddon!

The figure is released April 2011 and retails for $79.99.