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Preview – Witchblade Annual 2010

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(W) Ron Marz, Matthew Dow Smith   (A) Tony Shasteen, Matt Haley, Matthew Dow Smith   (Cov) Tom Feister, Tony Shasteen

Witchblade 15th Anniversary Issue!
Sara Pezzini comes face to face with a former Witchblade bearer, a Russian soldier who served during the frozen Siege of Stalingrad, a pivotal battle in World War II. What tale does she have to tell Sara? Witchblade bearers past and present come together in a one-of-a-kind story, with amazing art by New York Times bestselling illustrator Tony Shasteen (The Talisman).

Featuring two striking covers by Tom Feister (GI Joe: Origins, The Darkness) and Tony Shasteen along with a bonus back up feature!

48 Pages    Full Color    Annual    $4.99

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