DC New Media Fail

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When it comes to using websites and new media it seems the comic industry is woefully behind.  We’ve been critical and highlighted the numerous failures of some of the companies in their attempts to use these tools to promote their properties and comics.  Last night we had a face to palm moment as a staffer for DC comics attempted to go back and forth on Twitter with another blogger.

When attempting to respond to this tweet from @dcwomenkicknass:

The @DC_Nation tweeter posted this:

But here’s the problem, she asked about a list of bloggers that deal with DC comics, similar to the blog roll we have on our right or the list of publishers.

And that tweet linked to this:

DC BlogThat’s clearly not what she asked for.  It’s a landing page that links to the four blogs DC comics maintains.  That’s fine and dandy, except that page is actually a blog page in itself.  You can tell that by the navigation on the left.  And the header of the post.

It just shows the lack of understanding of websites in using the wrong type page for what you’re trying to accomplish.  Sure it works but so does a shoe to drive in a nail.  I’d rather use a hammer.  How about just a “content page” that makes the point of the page a little clearer?

With a content page you’d also have the ability to style it a little better, kick out the unnecessary left navigation (which adds to the embarrassment by highlighting the one post) and make the point of this page clear.

Here’s a better idea, how about using this blog to highlight important posts from the other four blogs?  Crazy concept, I know.

The whole concept of a blog roll was overlooked (we’ll be adding one soon along with a whole lot of other upgrades) and the question and comment wasn’t answered.  That’s just bad use of new media and yet another example of how DC comics misses the mark when it comes to this vital area of communication.