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Reviews: Deadpool Max #1 and Deadpool #1000

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As a character, I love Deadpool, but is there any more overexposed character in all of comics at the moment? In the last year, we’ve had Deadpool, Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth, Deadpool Corps, Deadpool Team-up, Deadpool Max, Deadpool Origins, Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War, Deadpool Pulp, special editions like Deadpool 900 and Deadpool 1000, appearances in X-Men and other comics, Deadpool: The Cookbook, Deadpool’s Midterm Election Voting Guide, Deadpool’s Big Book of Sewing Patterns and Deadpool: Confessions of a Teenage Baboon.

With that volume of material, it’s not hard for some of it to be bad. Deadpool Max #1 and Deadpool #1000 are the worst of the lot (except for maybe the sewing patterns).

Deadpool MaxDeadpool Max #1 is one of my least favorite comics of 2010. The art is some of the worst art that I’ve seen in a comic published by Marvel, maybe ever, and the story isn’t much better. In effect, the story is about Deadpool bumbling his way to success as part of a government sting operation against Hammerhead, who is now the boss of Maggia’s crime family. But that story is hard to pay attention to, since the comic is loaded with references to abuse and rape at the hands of a stereotypical “gay predator” character. In response to the main narrator’s abuse and rape, Deadpool is indifferent, the agent’s boss tells him just to deal with it and Hammerhead casually tosses around gay slurs. I know this is supposed to be Max comics, so it’s supposed to be “edgy,” but edgy doesn’t have to mean that you create a comic that is effectively hate speech.

Plot: The plot should be offensive to anyone who isn’t the type who is a rape apologist. Rating: 1

Art: Bad, bad, bad. Rating: 2

Overall: 1.5

Recommendation: Run as fast as you can as far away from this issue.

Deadpool MaxDeadpool #1000 has lots and lots of content. 105 pages of content. Way too much content. The idea, I think is that each of the stories here is supposed to be funny. The problem is that most of them forgot to include any actual jokes. Story one looks good and is okay reading, as Deadpool effectively kills Jessica Rabbit. The second story makes fun of fat people and has Deadpool shooting flames out of his ass. The third story makes fun of fat people. The fourth story features alien celery people and makes fun of the French. The fifth story has two pages that make fun of … something. I can’t figure out the point. The sixth story is the mildly entertaining story of murderous mafia children. The seventh story, the highlight of the book, looks great and has several great jokes in it that made me laugh out loud, including a digs at Brian Michael Bendis and Wolverine, a character named Ms. Puck-man and jokes about … the French. The eighth story is okay, with Deadpool fighting the chupacabra over goat tacos. The ninth story is a one-note joke about all the different possible Deadpool variations you could have. The last story is a pointless dream sequence. At the end are a a series of cool variant Deadpool covers of other comics, but they aren’t enough to make up for all the wasted space up to that point. A number of the stories are offensive, a number of them have weak art, most of them don’t seem to have a point. A lot of talent was assembled to come up with a mediocre book, at best.

Plot: A bunch of plots here and only 2-3 of them are worth reading. Rating: 5

Art: Varies greatly by story, but nothing is too bad and a few stories have really good art. Rating: 7

Overall: 6

Recommendation: Don’t recommend.

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