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Review – Hotwire: Deep Cut #2

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Hotwire: Deep Cut #2 CoverHotwire: Deep Cut #2 is a series I’m torn about.  I really enjoy the bright colors and art is very unique in it’s hue.  The story is interesting, and creative.  But there’s something that’s not quite clicking for me.  It’s not bad, but also nothing that blows me away.

While Bertus Rantz and his private security contractors investigate a crash, Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire cools her heels in a detention cell – only to emerge to the cheers of her co-workers in the police force. As Alice avoids her fellow officers and deals with a rampaging Rantz as well as her paranormal ex-boyfriend, a blue-light housed in a robotic body has taken one of the crash victims on her own accord…but for what purpose? Can Hotwire and Mobey uncover the truth of the car crash and discover the identity of this mysterious entity before Rantz finishes his crusade against all blue-lights?

Created by Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis, written and art by Pugh Hotwire is definitely an entertaining series.  Picking up where the first issue left off, a pursuit is on for the individual who caused the car pile up, and it has a hostage who doesn’t quite understand the predicament she’s in.

Everything is very unique.  Nothing quite pops like this series (especially digitally on an iPad).  But, I can’t say I’m too invested in the characters of the world.  I can’t quite call this a “buy”, but it’s a solid “read.”

Plot: The series started off with a bang and got you right into the action with little set up and this issue continues in that.  There’s lots of politicking and arguing about jurisdictions, personalities and weapons.  It was an interesting mix, but none of it really blew me away.  Was it interesting?  Yes.  Was it amazing?  No.  Rating: 7

Art: The art here is pretty solid with some very cool scenes and amazing use of color.  The art alone almost makes this a buy.  There’s a very consistent and fitting hue that permeates the entire book and some very cool scenes.  The fact that Pugh does double duty in writing and art is impressive, and I’d love to get a behind the scenes of how he pulled it all together.  Rating: 9

Overall: The story is pretty unique and coloring definitely stands out.  I still think I might be won over when this series wraps up.  I’m really close to recommending this as a buy, but something just barely holds me back.  I definitely think it’s one you should check out at the store as you’re browsing this week’s releases.  It’s worth checking it out at least and seeing if it’s something that might interest you.  Overall rating: 7.25

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.50    Release Date: 11/3/2010

Radical Publishing provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.