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Zenescope: January 2011 Solicitations

Official Press Release

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths and Legends #1
(W) Raven Gregory, (A) David Miller

Zenescope Presents a new ongoing series that promises to be one of the hottest independent titles of the year. After the milestone events of Grimm Fairy Tales #50 creatures from the realm of Myst have escaped into our world. Captured by the evil Baba Yaga for her sinister plans they are about to cause major havoc on earth. Written by

Raven Gregory (Zenescope’s Wonderland trilogy) with artwork by David Miller, this first arc revisits the characters and story from the very first issue of Grimm Fairy Tales – Red Riding Hood. Brittany, our hero from issue #1 is back, working in a treatment center for adolescents. Little does she know that something from another realm has caught her scent and will stop at nothing to find and destroy her before her true purpose is revealed.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99 • Features three covers including one by superstar artist J. Scott Campbell
Charmed #8
Paul Ruditis (W), Marcio Abreu(A)
An Innocent homeless teen in San Francisco falls victim to a stray arrow during the Darklighter’s attack on a Whitelighter. Neena finally reveals herself to the Charmed Ones and Phoebe and Paige want to stay to fight, but will they be able to?
32 pgs, FC, $3.50
Ships with two separate covers!
Grimm Fairy Tales
Joe Brusha & Ralph Tedesco (W)
Jason Craig & Josh Medors (A)

This collection includes two early issues of Grimm Fairy Tales that are no longer in print as single issues.

Two of the bloodiest Grimm stories, GFT #6: Robber Bridegroom and GFT #11: Bluebeard make up this collection at a bargain price. This book is a great way to introduce new readers to one of the hottest independent comics of all time.

48 pgs, FC, $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales
Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Raven Gregory (W)
Zenescope presents an all new Grimm Fairy Tales trade paperback collection. Different seasons collects some of the series most popular one shots. Included in this special book are the GFT 2009 Annual, GFT

2009 Halloween and Holiday editions and Giant Sized Grimm Fairy Tales #1. This is a must have for fans and collectors of the series.

192 pgs, FC, $17.99
Monster Hunter Survival Guide
Issue #3: Giant Beasts • John Paul Russ (Writer & Survivalist)
Fifty Foot Anaconda’s…Huge predatory catfish…Dinosaurs of the Congo.

These giant monsters haunt our nightmares but there’s one thing you need to remember when you wake up in a cold sweat…they’re all too real. Legendary survivalist and monster hunter John Paul Russ has come up against them all and lived to tell the tales. Issue #3 of his Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide gives you all the information you need to hunt and capture these giant beasts. You can’t afford to enter the jungle without it!

32 pgs, BW, $2.99 • Ships with two separate covers!

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