Spanish Comic Magazine Censored

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Bleeding Cool made us aware of this story.  Due to the Pope‘s visit to Spain in November, humour magazine Retranca saw an issue of theirs “kidnapped” by the printer.  The issue ran a political cartoon focusing on the cost of the visit.

After twelve years of Spanish I can’t understand a bit of this, but if you’re smarter than I when it comes to foreign languages, go for it.

Spanish Comic Magazine

One comment

  • The language isn’t Spanish but Galician, another Romance language which is spoken along with Spanish in the region of Galicia, in northwestern Spain.

    The Pope says something in the lines of “It isn’t the miracle of the loaves and the fish or any other piece of sh**. I make bills rain on me!”

    In Spanish it would be “Ni milagro de los panes y los peces ni hostias. Yo hago que me lluevan billetes”. Hostia is the sacramental host, but it’s often used as a strong expletive, similar to English f*** or sh**.