Elect the Legion of Super-Heroes Leader

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DC has thrown up a simple website to allow the public to chose and “elect” the next leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Voting ends on November 10.  While I like the concept this is beyond a missed opportunity for DC.  Treating this like a real election, with campaign websites, videos and attack ads (don’t forget deep social media integration) would of gotten buzz for the series from outside of the comic book community and driven free word of mouth advertising you could never pay for.  Another epic online fail from DC.

If you care, you can vote online at http://www.dccomics.com/sites/legionelection/

One comment

  • Seriously. They could you (or me, or many people we know who do online organizing and political campaigns) to do a few weeks work and this would have been huge. Huge!

    I’m not super familiar with the League so I’m not going to vote. But how about this– I’m also not going to vote in protest of their lack of smarts in social media. Oh the irony, since I’d never say that about a real election.