Review – The Darkness: Four Horsemen #2

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The Darkness: Four Horsemen #2 COVA_stampedThe four horsemen are on the warpath in a small town and Jackie Estacado has to stop them.  This series is so twisted with each depiction of the horsemen just being as depraved as it needs to be.  One had me gagging a bit, and that’s impressive.  It’s brutal but The Darkness: Four Horsemen #2 is a fun read.

Jackie Estacado has arrived in the California desert town of Ginsberg, where Hell has come to Earth. The Demon Riders have brought out the worst in the townspeople and Ginsberg burns. Jackie believes he has faced monsters before, but nothing like this.

The Darkness: Four Horsemen #2 is published by Top Cow, written by David Hine with art by Jeff Wamester.  It picks up from the first one with further descriptions of each horseman’s power and the terror they have been causing on Ginsberg.  And let me say, it’s twisted.  One scene and descsription makes the glutton scene in Se7en look tame.

The issue continues to build the scene for the eventual drag out fight and that’s ok.  Hine’s description of the horsemen is entertaining enough and Wamester’s twisted mind puts it all on paper for us to be repulsed and giggle at the same time.

Plot: David Hine has put out a great read.  The description and chaos the FOur Horsemen are creating is really entertaining and there’s some original takes on them too.  It’s just so sick and twisted, but I just want to read more of it.  Rating: 8

Art: Jeff Wamester’s art definitely holds up Top Cow’s quality.  He draws the sick twisted scenes perfectly (you’ll know the one in particular I’m talking about). Overall there’s this sense of gore and some brutal images that aren’t over the top, but instead wants you to linger on the page and suck in the gory details.  Rating: 8

Overall: The miniseries is a great read so far and perfect for those who want to check out the Darkness for the first time.  It’s also entertaining enough for those who are familiar with the character.  I definitely recommend it.  Overall rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.99    Release Date: 9/29/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.