Preview – ‘Starkweather: Immortal’ Hardcover

Official Press Release

STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL Collected Edition Hardcover

Retail Price: $24.95
Page Count: 160 pages
Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 6.625” x 10.25”, full color
On-Sale Date: September 1, 2010 in comic shops; September 14 in bookstores
Written by David A. Rodriguez
Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy

Today they are called witches, and they are hunted at every turn. The Twelve Great Houses have collapsed under betrayal and infighting. They have abandoned their charges, forsaking the very source of their gifts. They teeter on the brink of extinction and their best chance at survival—a five-year-old boy with enough power to topple mountains—disappeared 15 years ago. The boy has become a man who doesn’t remember what he was. The very spell that was woven to hide him from the world also has hidden his true self, leaving him a professional slackera directionless disappointment who wants nothing to spend his life in wonderful obscurity. It is Alexander Starkweather’s destiny to restore the Divine Blood to power and lead them into a new age. But before he can become a witch, he must learn what it means to be a man.  Completes and collects the STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL comic book series.

Mature Readers (Contains Adult Content, Graphic Violence and Nudity)

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