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Blagojevich Storms Wizard World Chicago

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The reactions to Rod Blagojevich‘s appearance at this past weekend’s Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.  Reactions to the former Governor’s presence was mixed.  It’s clear the reason for the Governor’s appearance is his recent lack of cash due to defending himself in court.  He was found guilty of one count after his trial.  If he is to be retried the cost would fall to the Government due to lack of funds by Blagojevich.

Blagojevich was charging $50 for a signature and $80 for a photo op at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.  Though many reports point out their photos or autographs were obtained for free.  Bleeding Cool has an entertaining post comparing those costs with other celebrities attending the convention.

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool also has some photos and videos of the Governor’s appearance.  Most of which is entertaining.

But some of the best comes from Ethan Van Sciver who recognized the absurdity of Blagojevich attending the con and decided he needed a photo and an autograph.  He recounts his tale over at Jinxworld forums.