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Slave Labor Legal Defense Fund

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Over at the Slave Labor website, the company publisher Dan Vado writes that the company is “embroiled in a trademark issue revolving around our comic book about a certain gun heiress.”  They’ve decided to fight the issue and are asking for donations through Paypal for their legal fund.

From their website:

So far just responding to the letters we have gotten has cost us well into five figures, more than we could possibly ever hope to recover publishing comics for the next two years. We have tried raising money by having sales, doing clearances and the like but given the times we live in and perhaps the lack of urgency about them,  those things have not really done much to help us out.
So, as much as it kills me to resort to this, I am asking all of our loyal fans to help us out by donating whatever they feel comfortable sending. Just so we are being clear, SLG is not raising money to fight some long, drawn-out court case, there isn’t enough money in all of comics for that kind of fight, we are asking for money to pay for the costs of responding to the letters and harassment from the baseless claims thrown at us. This is money we have already spent, a lot of it borrowed, for which there will be no return and is now affecting our ability to operate.
We have exhausted every avenue searching for free legal help but as our situation is not a clear First Amendment one and because we somehow manage to stay in business year after year, we are being told we do not qualify for free legal help by everyone we have asked.
The plea admits the begging isn’t the most desired solution to raise the money, but it’s an avenue and means to an end.  So, if you’re inclined, head to Paypal and help a brother out.
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