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Archaia Goes Exclusive With

Bookmark and Share is one of the many digital comic apps on the market and recently they announced that Archaia would be featured exclusively on their system.

They’re currently working to get all of Archaia’s books onto their system and available soon.  Here’s a listing of what’s available now:

The Killer #1-4
Days Missing #1-4
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 #1-6
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #1-6

From the email sent out:

One of the potentials of digital comics is the promise of more than just a digital version of the print. We are excited to be the first to bring Bonus Materials to our digital books. When we brought iFanboy onto the team, this is just the type of stuff we had envisioned providing the community. We started with two books: Irredeemable and Milo Ventimiglia Presents Berserker. Josh Flanagan of iFanboy hosts an audio commentary with Mark Waid and Peter Krause all about Irredeemable and the genesis of the story. Ron Richards of iFanboy does the same in Berserker with Milo Ventimiglia, Rick Loverd and Russ Cundiff. In addition, there are panels in Irredeemable that you can rub away the color and the original script Mark wrote. (There are a couple of interesting “story extenders” for Berserker that arent there…yet..but depending on when you read this, might very well be there. Dont want to spoil the surprise, but Rick did some awesome stuff.)

We have about a dozen other books that have Bonus Materials in the works. We hope that one day, all digital books found on have some Bonus Materials attached. (And that the Bonus Materials themselves get cooler and cooler – like Video, Games, and other things we haven’t even thought of yet!) has also recently launched a version of their program for the iPad.

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