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Review – The Rising

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This $1 issue teases what we can expect next year from The Rising.  The series is a mix of a bunch of different plots including the penal gang, a bit of Avatar and some War of the Worlds thrown in for good measure.

After years of war, economic chaos, and mankind, itself, teetering on the verge of thermonuclear extinction, an alien force invades the planet.  When a deadly virus is released, this militaristic empire massacres the world’s defense forces and most of the human population. The survivors are forced into slavery, helpless as they watch this new enemy plunder the remaining natural resources of Earth. Jarrett Jakes, chosen to fight and die as a gladiator, escapes from Zone R.X. 84 (formerly New York City) to lead a ragged band of guerrilla warriors in hopes of inspiring a downtrodden world to rise up against their alien oppressors.

The story written by E. Max Frye is interesting though really relies on the art by J.P. Targete as a lot of the pages have little to no words.

For $1 it’s kind of hard to go wrong with a comic book nowadays, it’s worth checking out for that alone.

Plot: E. Max Frye puts together a mish mash of a few different stories to a decent result.  There’s four distinct parts that were a bit jarring and after my read through I didn’t quite get all of their connections.  The issue comes off as a set up for the series to come and works well to that affect.  Rating: 7

Art: At times the entire story depends on the art by J.P. Targete as there’s no words to help you through what’s going on.  For the most part the art holds up and does what it needs to do.  Rating: 7.5

Overall: The issue is a dollar.  It’s kind of hard to say pass with that price.  The series is interesting and worth the dollar.  We won’t get the full series until late next year, but we can at least get a feel of what the expect.  Hopefully there’s some more dialogue when we get the finished product.  Overall rating: 7.25

Recommendation: Buy (it’s $1)

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $1.00    Release Date: 7/28/2010

Radical Publishing provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.