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Review – The Killer: Modus Vivendi #4

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The Killer - Modus Vivendi #4So The Killer: Modus Vivendi in it’s fourth issue has shifted from a tale about an assassin for hire to a geopolitical drama, with lots of intrigue and an all to real political setting.

The fallout of The Killer’s actions continue as Latin America further destabilizes and the C.I.A. continue their behind the scenes manipulation of events.  There’s a lot of talk of the United States policy towards its neighbors to the south, all very interesting.

Ordinary People, Part 2. The Killer’s involvement with the Cuban agent Katia deepens, and he is once again drawn to wondering about his place in the world. Things in Venezuela go as planned but now our Killer is caught in the middle of a high-stakes play between the Americans and the Cubans.

The character interaction and actions continue to amaze and along with art that’s improved with each issue this series is just beyond praising.  Words don’t do it justice and this is a series 1) you should be reading, 2) should be on the big screen.

One of the freshest things about the series is that it’s political focus isn’t from a U.S. perspective.  It openly questions motivations and actions freely and invites debate and thinking.  This is an adult’s comic.  The Killer: Modus Vivendi is an action and political thriller at it’s best, this is a must read.

Plot: Matz completely shifts the story in the fourth issue taking away the focus on the action, and instead focusing on the repercussions.  And Matz does an impressive thing and makes the United States the enemy.  Real world issues are debated in a realistic fashion and real world events are dissected from “another” viewpoint.  It’s just fantastic on so many levels.  Rating: 9.75

Art: Did Luc Jacamon read my unpublished reviews?  My only complaint about the series was the page layout was pretty much different boxes with not a lot of variation.  Well, this issue changes that.  Action scenes and shoot outs have great use of the page and panels with very cool effects that I haven’t seen before.  The art and the layout are top notch and Jacamon seems to improve each issue.  I can’t wait to see what the last two issues entail.  Rating: 9.75

Overall: A series that only gets better as it goes along?  The Killer: Modus Vivendi is just that.  Amazing plot and top notch art, this is a summer must read.  Overall rating: 9.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.95     Release: 7/14/2010

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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