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Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1

Vision – They call themselves the Sons of the Serpent — a paramilitary sect devoted to maintaining racial and moral purity.

Patriot – They’re white supremacists.

Hawkeye – To be fair, they also hate gays and lesbians.

Patriot – And uppity women apparently.


Random bad guy – “As the serpent drove Adam and Eve from Eden… so shall we drive out the unfit — the inferior!”

Hulkling – You’re actually using the Bible to justify murder?

Random bad guy – What would you know about the Bible sodomite?

Brightest Day #5

Aquaman – They said it’d take weeks to find something that could withstand pressures at 5,000 feet so they could fix this leak.  But they didn’t count on us, Mera.

Mera – The owners of this rig might be begging someone to clean up their reckless mess, but they won’t like our shutting down all their wells.

Aquaman – Too bad.  They’re done drilling offshore.  This fuel has done more damage than good to the world.  It’s perpetuated war, greed and corruption.

Sparta U.S.A. #5

Narrator – Here in Sparta, we love our homes.  “A Spartan’s home is his castle.”  The great Ronald Reagan said that.  If I’m remembering my American Patriots class right.  Folks around here’d die defending their homes.

X-Men #1

Wolverine – Hell.  Just when things were looking up.  Al Qaeda in San Francisco.

Young Allies #2

Reed Richards – … it would have been impossible to stop him from instantly committing a terroristic act of suicide.


Singularity – Personally, I’m appalled.  I thought we were supposed to be more sophisticated than those savages across the ocean from us.

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