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Review – Sparta U.S.A. #5

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Sparta USA 5It’s the second to last issue of this mishmash of fantasy and football and it looks like Sparta U.S.A. is going to come down to the last seconds to bring in the winning touchdown.

Much like the fourth issue of the series the pacing has picked up, with a lot going on and the issue comes off as fast paced and a little rushed.  But what David Lapham and Johnny Timmons pull off is still quite impressive.  There’s quite a few tips of the hat throughout this series including a lot having to do with politics and history.

This issue is also packed with tons of twists and turns and shocking moments that were totally out of the blue.  Here’s hoping this all leads up to a big payoff next issue.  In the end the entire series will be best judged as a whole, but each chapter so far is pretty damn solid.  Check out below before the full review.

Plot: There’s a lot going on here including Nazi’s, allusions to Leonidas and the 300 Spartans, and Ronald Reagan.  Add in football and the comic screams testosterone.  This issue mainly focuses on the resistance that the main character Godfrey McLaine has built up to take on the Maestro as all hell has broken loose.  The series definitely took a turn I didn’t expect, so it’ll be interesting when this is all over to go back and reread it.  Rating: 7.75

Art: The art has slipped a bit, and the detail that was seen in earlier issues isn’t quite as present here.  But Timmons is an excellent artist and does what he needs to keep the story going where words won’t do. Rating: 7.75

Overall: With one issue to go this second to last issue definitely feels like a bridge to the finale.  The series has a major political subtext mixed with fantasy, football and it turns out Nazi’s.  It’s a weird mix of so much stuff, but works really well.  On to the last issue and the big payoff!  Overall rating: 7.75

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 22 pages of story    Price: $2.99     Release: 7/8/2010

DC and Wildstorm provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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