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Review – Angelus #4

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Angelus #4 Cover ASo Angelus #4 gets the distinction of being the first full comic book I’ve read on my iPad (which should up the productivity when it comes to reviews).  I can already tell the new medium will impact how I read, and review as you get the whole view of the page (though two page spreads don’t quite work) and the colors pop.  But enough about my technology geeking out, on to the review.

Angelus #4 picks up right where the last issue left off with Angelus fighting the Darkness and some nefarious dealings with Angelus’s nemesis Sabine.  Much like the last issue (the first I’ve read of the series) a lot works and a lot doesn’t.

Casting The Darkness behind her, Dani moves further into the Light to accept her new role as The Angelus. But a familiar adversary is not about to let her and her companion Finch settle into New Orleans without incident! Will Dani see the vipers in her midst before it’s too late?

The bad I’ll get out there right away, there’s a lot of fighting going on which is all for nothing (though with writer Ron Marz you can never be too sure of that).  The battle with the Darkness feels like filler and isn’t anything special.

What really works is the relationship between Dani and Finch.  The great is here’s two strong women who like each other.  So, you can actually make that two strong gay women who like each other.  The relationship angle is the strongest thing the series has going for it.  Especially since Dani is still closeted to her father.  That plot line alone could make this series a contender for an award from GLAAD.

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Plot: Ron Marz is great at writing characters and conveying emotion.  The issue is at it’s strongest when it comes to the relationship and interaction between Finch and Dani.  All of the other stuff comes off worse to me since that interaction is so strong.  The fight scenes are just fight scenes.  The bad guy, is just a bad guy.  It’s says a lot that this one part of the comic is so strong that it reflects on the rests quality.  Still Marz is a master storyteller and these few pages are worth checking out.  Rating: 7.25

Art: Stjepan Sejic’s art is take it or leave it.  At times it’s very pretty in it’s “painted” form, but with an expense of detail I some times enjoy.  This can cause characters at times to look like mannequins.  I appreciate the art, but can’t say I’m overtly enthusiastic about it.  Though I’m sure some folks will love it.  As I said last review, it’s nice to look at and at times the style is very cool, but overall for a comic, it’s just not my thing.  Rating: 7.0

Overall: Out of all of the series I’ve read of Marz’s, this one is the weakest, but it’s strong points are very strong (as state numerous times in this review, the relationship between Dani and Finch).  When the fights aren’t the focus the series shines.  I’m hoping we’ll see the series mature so that character development is the focus instead of gratuitous fights.  But overall, it’s an entertaining series, and one I’m sure is just a small piece of Marz’s Top Cow puzzle.  Overall Rating: 7.25

Recommendation: Read

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $2.99     Release: 6/30/2010

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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  • a very good and very objective review, and i appreciate greatly what you said about m,y art cause that comment encompasses good objective critique, i salute you sir ! :)