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On This July 4th Stand Up for Free Speech

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Happy July 4th from Graphic Policy.  Each year on this day we should reflect on one of the major tenants that this country was founded on, free speech.

In recent months and weeks, we’ve seen this right attacked both here and abroad, whether it being court cases having to do with possessing certain contents, threats over content, or outright bans by countries.

This upcoming session the Supreme Court will be hearing a case that doesn’t have to do with comic books, but instead video games.  Schwarzenegger v. EMA if decided the wrong way will have a chilling effect on what we can buy, rent and play when it comes to video games.  It’s not guaranteed the court will decide that video games are the protected free speech they are.

That’s why we’re asking you to take a few moments to sign the Entertainment Consumers Association’s petition which will be included with other official court documents related to the case.

And this could have a ripple effect when it comes to our comic books making content creators weary of their creations, leading to self censorship.

If you’re looking for a cause more comic book related you can also become involved with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

And most importantly while you enjoy the parades, bbqs, fireworks and beer, reflect on the many things that make this, the best nation on the planet.

Have a happy, fun and safe 4th of July!

Disclosure: Brett Schenker is a consultant for the Entertainment Consumers Association.
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