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Oh Noes the Gays Have Gotten to Archie

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Archie Kevin KellerThe world is coming to an end and is out of control.  Evidence of this is a gay character appearing in Archie comics.  A letter to the editor appeared in the Wausau Daily Herald mentioning the recent addition to the cast.

Look around you and you will see how this country has deteriorated in morals and common sense. The schools have taught kids that homosexual relationships are OK. God never intended that same sex unions would be acceptable. Even the Archie comic books now have a gay person in them. Teachers across the country have lost discipline and control of their classrooms.

It’s a nice homophobic rant and interesting connecting of the dots from everything under the sun including robots, God, Archie comics and the “Holy Bible.”

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One comment

  • Hmmm. I thought the evidence of the world’s ending was the acidification of the oceans, and now the total destruction of the southern wetlands of our country. But a gay character in Archie sure tops that.