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Review – Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard #2

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I whipped through the first issue and immediately dove into the second issue, they’re so good.  Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #2 is a must buy this week and the four issue limited series should be on everyone’s pull list.

The second issue also contains three stories as the competition continues to see who can tell the best story and have their tab wiped out.  All three are entertaining and include lessons to learn.  The first focuses on defending the weak, because that only strengthens the whole.  The second is about ingenuity and using your brain instead of muscle to solve problems.  The third is a tale of not dismissing someone’s ability based on their looks.

All three stories are entertaining as tales or for the lessons and like the first issue, both adults and children will enjoy it.  Perfect for the whole family.

Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard is a continuing anthology series with artists and storytellers handpicked by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen.

Inside the June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, mice are in the midst of an enthralling tall tale-telling competition. In this issue, Sean Rubin (Redwall) and Alex Kain tell the story of what it takes to be a member of the Mouse Guard. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise) relates how two Guard Mice cleverly wriggle out of a potentially lethal situation. And Gene Ha (Top 10)and Lowell Francis chronicle the legendary exploits of Worley, a stubborn mouse banker who stumbles upon danger…and a mink!

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Story: Written by David Petersen, Alex Kain, Terry Moore and Lowell Francis the stories are fantastic and entertaining.  It’s not quite as solid as the first issue, but maybe because that first issue was my first real issue and had a magical feel about it.  It’s still great to read and each story is is one you’ll want to share with your children.  Rating: 9.75

Plot: Like the first issue the art by David Petersen, Sean Rubin, Terry Moore and Gene Ha is beautiful.  You’ll linger on each page well after you’ve finished with the words.  I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s fantastic to look at and enhances each story.  Rating: 10

Overall: This limited series is just wonderful and something for the whole family.  It’s one of those you’ll want to sit back with your kids and read aloud.  A modern day classic that I’m sure will be read for years to come.  Rating: 10

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 24 pages    Price: $3.50     Release: Wednesday 6/23/2010

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.