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Aquaman Sponsored By BP

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DaveOMac over at Crimson Monkey has another BP/Aquaman mash-up.  He figures the Blackest Night Aquaman would fit right in now with all of the dead sea life courtesy of British Petroleum.

Since this is in essence a “reverse” Aquaman, the king of the seas knows where his bank is and instead will protect oil rigs, drilling and his corporate sponsors from evil dirty hippies who are the cause of the leak the first arc focuses on.

Every issue would also end with important tips and lessons for kids. Among these lessons would be why it’s silly for their parents to protest BP as BP is fixing this mistake and continues to bring them competitive prices at the pump and contains 50% ethanol! Also kids will learn that tar balls are fun, especially when you have enough for a game of dodge ball. Sometime though these lessons will get serious and explain important things to the kids, like how the dead birds deserve their fates for being heathens and not accepting Jesus into their hearts.

I think I’d make room on my pull list for this one!

This would be great satire if the situation weren’t so sad.  Please share any good charities to help out the situation in the comments.

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