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Stuart Ross jailed in $11M Extortion Plot

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Smurf in JailStuart Ross, the man who made a fortune introducing the Smurfs to the US public, has been accused of attempting to extort $11 million from his son-in-law David Blitzer.  The man who made millions can’t even afford bail.  Ross’s lawyer said he made some “bad investments.”

Ross, 73, concocted a plan Gargamel would approve of.  Ross threatened to smear Blitzer’s reputation unless he paid up.

Ross, and his co-defendant Stuart Jackson, his former lawyer, were indicted in 2008 for grand larceny and attempted grand larceny.  For $5.5 million Ross told his daughter he would no longer contact her, her husband, or their unborn child.

Ross held the rights to the North American distribution to the French creation the Smurfs who are bound for a new movie.