Review – the Losers

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The LosersThe Losers is nowhere near anything that the title suggests.  Though it didn’t do all that well at the box office it’s opening weekend, the movie is pure fun.  The movie, based off of the DC Vertigo comic book series by Andy Diggle, follows a special ops team who seeks revenge on the elusive CIA operative who attempted to kill them.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Jason Patric, the star of the movie is Chris Evans (who shows that he’s the right person for Captain America).  Evans’ comedic performance mixed with action is truly the highlight of the movie.  Patric as the villainous Max comes close with a great performance of pure insanity.

The movie throws back to the classic Dirty Dozen type movies full of testosterone but much like the comic series, there’s a great mix of humor.  I laughed out loud, loved the action and left the theater with a smile on my face.  Can you ask for anything more?

Direction: Directed by Sylvain White the direction is fantastic.  The action is top notch and interaction between the actors is perfect with just a great pace and banter.  Also, the mix of art from the series and graphics of the location shows Sylvain understands the source material.  There’s not much I’d change when it came to the direction.

Acting: Chris Evans as Jensen is the star of the movie.  The delivery is brilliant and matches what you’d expect from the comic it’s based off of.  His mix of action and humor is perfect and from it, I can’t wait to see what he does as Captain America.  The rest of the cast or what you’d expect and fit their printed counterparts well.  This isn’t Hamlet and that’s not what you expect.  Jason Patric as the evil Max also stands out with a hilarious performance (in a good way) of the insane bad guy.

Plot: The comic book follows a special ops team that’s thought to be dead and their revenge against the person who tried to kill them.  The movie doesn’t deviate to much from the comic book series, and where it does it’s to fill in some holes.  This is the currently available volume 1 and 2 on the big screen and we loved volume 1 and 2.

Overall: The movie bombed in it’s first week and received mixed reviews and that’s a shame as it’s a very entertaining movie.  The audience I was with loved it, laughing out loud and cheering along.  It’s a fun time and exactly what you’d expect.  Get to the theater before it’s pulled.

Grade: B+