Are Those Boobs in My Comic?

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Is it parents freaking out week?  Did I miss the memo?  A Utah mother is in an uproar after comics she purchased at the local Dollar Tree contained pictures of female breasts.  Linda Hurst purchased the stack of comics to include in Easter baskets.  One of the comics was a 1987 issue of the Spectre which contained the offending image.  When dealing with the issue, she of course went to ABC 4 to complain.

When 10 year old Sheldon Conley saw the image he immediately took it to his parents.

“I seen the naked lady and I got mad.” Ten year old Sheldyn Conley loves comic books but knew something was wrong when he opened “The Spectre.” He says, “I just turned the page and I seen the naked ladies so I handed it to a grownup and said, ‘Look at this.'”

It’s somewhat admiral that a 10 year old child handed the comic over to a grownup, but at the same time it’s sad there’s such an issue over a drawing of the nude form.  I hope the kid never goes to an art gallery, who knows what he’ll see!

But, in fairness when a package says:

“All comic books inserted in the “Superhero Comic Book Spectacular” are family friendly and will bring hours of enjoyable reading.”

You really shouldn’t have to worry about any sense of nudity or violence.  Hope the kid likes Archie!

When presented with the issue, the Dollar Tree manager Tiffany Miller pulled the items from the shelves explaining they are promotional items that other stores couldn’t sell and informed her boss of the situation.  The other comics included in the package were fine, they only included violence.