How I Lost Faith In Israel

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Harvey Pekar is an outspoken man who gained fame for his autobiographical comic book series American Splendor.  The fellow Clevelander was discovered by R. Crumb and hit main stream when Paul Giamatti played him in the American Splendor film adaptation.

Pekar will be attending the Toronto Jewish Film Festival this weekend not due to his Jewish roots but because he “can use the money.”

The National Post has an interesting interview where Pekar touches on his Jewish roots and raised our eyebrows with his next project which I’m sure will raise some controversy.

The artist shows no signs of mellowing at 70: He’s at work on a graphic novel called The Pekar Project for Smith magazine as well as his controversial book about Israel.

How I Lost Faith in Israel is the title of that “controversial” comic book and we’re sure due to Pekar’s brutal honesty it’ll ruffle some feathers.  We’ll keep you updated when more news comes out.