Wondercon Exclusive Black Lantern Jordan and White Lantern Sinestro

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Going to Wondercon this weekend?  Then you’re one lucky person.  It has been announced that there will be two exclusive action figures for the show.  A Black Lantern Hal Jordan and White Lantern Sinestro (just in time for the end of the event).

Even if you’re there, you’re not guaranteed a set.  According to Comics Alliance:

Multiple ticket draws will be held throughout the weekend where winners will receive a color-coded wristband with a purchase time on it. Wristband wearers have an hour from their designated time to purchase an action figure from the Graphitti Designs booth, and that’s it. Prospective buyers can purchase up to two of each exclusive. If you don’t win a wristband on your first try at the ticket draw, you can get back on line and do it again.

Good luck to everyone there.  And anyone that gets me a set, will instantly become my best friend.

Black Lantern Jordan White Lantern Sinestro