Choice Quotes

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Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #2

Psychiatrist – I’m guessing there’s a reason you shot that poor woman in the face?

Deadpool – Duh!  Paper or plastic?  Helooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment?  I’m Al Gore’s messenger of death, beeyotch!

Captain America #604

David Price – God, no… I may be mad as hell ’cause Washington’s forgotten main street… but I ain’t gonna blow up my own country.

Deadpool #21

Deadpool – What’re you waiting for!?  Web ‘im up!

Spider-man – That just seems so… inhumane…

Deadpool – What’re you, a PETA spokesperson, all of a sudden?

Thunderbolts #142

Scourge/Nuke – But I’m more than any one soldier.  I am the defender of the American dream!  And I am going to rid this country of invasive elements per my orders!

U.S.Agent – Dear lord, and to think I supported Osborn.  All along he’s been putting monsters like you in charge of this nation’s security.  You think you’re a patriot?!  You think you can wrap yourself in the flag — and justify your madness?!  You’re everything that’s wrong!  You’re the American nightmare!