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Listen to the Archive Episode of Graphic Policy Radio With Guest Matt Miner

This past Monday we had a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio with guest Matt Miner and we talked comics, politics and more!

Matt has two new releases Liberator #1 and an item in the upcoming Occupy Comics #2, both by Black Mask Studios.

His creator owned series Liberator follows an animal rights superhero. Matt is a dog rescuer himself, taking an issue he cares about and giving it a broader platform through his writing and comics.

It was a great show and we covered a lot, including a lot about advocacy. It was a fascinating discussion for fans of comics and politics.

Choice Quotes

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Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #2

Psychiatrist – I’m guessing there’s a reason you shot that poor woman in the face?

Deadpool – Duh!  Paper or plastic?  Helooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment?  I’m Al Gore’s messenger of death, beeyotch!

Captain America #604

David Price – God, no… I may be mad as hell ’cause Washington’s forgotten main street… but I ain’t gonna blow up my own country.

Deadpool #21

Deadpool – What’re you waiting for!?  Web ‘im up!

Spider-man – That just seems so… inhumane…

Deadpool – What’re you, a PETA spokesperson, all of a sudden?

Thunderbolts #142

Scourge/Nuke – But I’m more than any one soldier.  I am the defender of the American dream!  And I am going to rid this country of invasive elements per my orders!

U.S.Agent – Dear lord, and to think I supported Osborn.  All along he’s been putting monsters like you in charge of this nation’s security.  You think you’re a patriot?!  You think you can wrap yourself in the flag — and justify your madness?!  You’re everything that’s wrong!  You’re the American nightmare!

Choice Quotes

Avengers: The Initiative #19

Tippy-Toe Says – Squirrel Girl would rather go naked than wear fur!


Skull-Kill Krew – I understand all right.  God doesn’t love you.  He loves America.

Dark Reign: New Nation

Captain America – I believe in an idea… an idea a single individual who has the right heart and the right mind… that is consumed with a single purpose… that one man can win a war.  Give that one man a group of soldiers with the same conviction… and you can change the world.

The Invincible Iron Man #8

Osborn – The Superhuman Registration Database, Stark.  You know the one I mean.  Where is it?  How do I access it?

Stark – It’s — Ah — It’s Not — Osborn.  It’s not your personal file-o-fax.  You can’t just browse it at your leisure.  You need about a half-dozen warrants and probable cause and a federal judge to—

Osborn – Commander.

Stark – … Excuse me?

Osborn – You called me “Osborn.”  I’m trying “Commander Osborn” on for the size at the moment.

Stark – Well.  “Commander.”  You don’t get to go flipping through the database any more than you get to seize someone’s cell phone records or decide to call yourself commander.

X-Factor #38

Madrox – In the end, sometimes the smart thing is to bypass bad habits and learned behavior.  There are entire countries where fighting is the default position.  If you’re willing to put aside that mindset… it’s amazing how much you can accomplish with minimal fuss.

Uncanny X-Men #505

Mayor of San Francisco – This is San Francisco.  The hated and misunderstood have always had a home here.