Obama Meet Veronica and Veronica Meet Obama

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Archie Comics’ Veronica #199 will feature a cameo by the darling of the comic book scene, President Barack Obama.  The story sees Archie, Veronica and friends heading to Washington DC for a school field trip.

In a very impressive burst of speed the kids visit the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Albert Einstein statue, and the National Archives, and name check the FDR and Jefferson Memorials before visiting Lincoln.  They eventually head to the Smithsonian and Capitol before heading to the White House.  All very impressive as visiting these in real life would take you quite a few days.

Veronica crashes the President’s press conference (a White House dinner wasn’t happening?) and gets to ask the President a question.

Veronica – What will be the main component to a full economic recovery?

President Obama – What a great question! Job creation will be a big part of economic recovery! When people are working, the system works!

We’ll do our best to cover this issue as it’s right up their with the fantastic “say no to drugs” issue we covered earlier.  Does the White House/government fund Archie that they can just get these blatant propaganda pieces printed?

Veronica 199