Can’t Get a Hotel for San Diego? Blame Al Gore.

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Mixed with the usual geeks and nerds that attend the San Diego Comic-Con will be one of a different sort, the political nerd.  The 2010 AHA Health Forum Leadership Summit is being held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, July 22-24, or Thursday-Saturday of the San Diego Comic-Con. 

Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, DeeDee Myers, Ken Burns and Freakonomics author Steven D. Levitt will be featured at the event.  The AHA’s event made it impossible for convention goers to stay at the Hyatt this year.  But that’s not all bad, as the hotel has had a rocky relationship with convention goers.

Comics Beat has more on the hotel’s contentious past as well as the political event.  Mixed with the usual Stormtroopers and Twilight fans will be tea baggers and the usual political geeks that attend events like this.  Wish I could be there!