Mark Millar, Director?

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Mark Millar is an amazing writer and so far has had his excellent comic Wanted brought to the big screen.  In a few months his second comic book turn movie will be released with Kick-Ass.  We expect his next series Nemesis will also be given the movie treatment.

Well Millar has decided to follow Frank Miller and write and direct his next movie, about a Scottish super hero.  In an interview with IGN he discussed his latest move.

The big thing I’ve learned from Kick-Ass is it’s lovely to be self-employed. I love being self-employed. I’ve never really had a proper job. I dropped out of university and started writing comics. So to suddenly go into a studio system where you have lots of people who can make decisions about what you’re doing in your work I find slightly uncomfortable. Whereas what Matthew [Vaughn] did with Kick-Ass [and] what I’ve really learned from that is, you stand or fall based on your own talent. If you’re any good, it’ll work. If not, they’ll find out fast and you’ll bomb out.

So I’ve luckily managed to get something independently financed and I’m going to direct it myself. I’m writing the screenplay myself. It’s a whole new property. It’s not a comic book property but it is a superhero thing and it’s going to be unlike any superhero project that anyone’s ever seen before. It’s as different from Superman or X-Men as District 9 is from Star Wars. So it’s going to be a very unusual superhero property.

Millar wouldn’t go into details of the project but gave this up:

I’m in preproduction at the moment. We are shooting this year and I think I’ll start taking it out to festivals after Christmas. I’m going to shoot the whole thing in Scotland. Which makes it even more mental as a superhero thing [to be set in Scotland]. And it’s not a comedy. It’s going to be really straight.