Age of Heroes Limited Series

Age of Heroes

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The end of Siege marks the end of seven years of dark stories that began with Civil War and ended with Dark Reign.  Soon we’ll seen the beginning of the Heroic Age of the Marvel universe.  With the new direction Marvel has announced a new limited series, Age of Heroes by the writing quartet of Kurt Busiek, Paul Cornell, Rick Remender and Dan Slott.  In an article on the Marvel website the writers discussed what each of their stories deals with.

Busiek’s focuses on New York City, the “epicenter” of the Marvel heroes.  The focus is how the city and it’s inhabitants deal with the fallout from what occurs in Siege.

It’s very much a story about how the people of New York view their heroes, in the light of all that’s gone on, so what’s been happening and what’s coming next are the subject of the story.

Cornell’s looks at how the heroe’s themselves, both seasoned and the younger ones, deal with the new era.  Slott looks at Spider-man and his take on the new direction.  Dark Reign was very much what he himself deals with every day but every hero experienced the misery.  Remender focuses on Doc Voodoo the new Sorcerer Supreme who must deal with the aftermath and attempt to get back to his normal life.

The world is celebrating, notes Remender. It’s akin to the end of WWII. Jericho himself has saved the entire fabric of reality, only no one is aware of it. So it’s time to unclench the fists and unwind a bit. We find Jericho involved in a new struggle: to enjoy life.