Zac Efron, Dreamy Comic Book Movie Star, or Dreamiest?

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FireI’m sure if I asked my nieces they’d tell me the answer to the above question.  But that’s not the point of this post.  Zac Efron will be bringing Brian Michael Bendis’ comic book Fire (Bendis’s very first crime noir comic book, which he wrote and drew, first published by Caliber then picked up by Image Comics) to the big screen.  Bendis will be writing the script for the movie.

The story sees a college student who is recruited by theZac Efron C.I.A. for a program of expendable agents.  It’s nice to see Efron stretching himself from a high school student and moving on to college.

Neal Moritz will produce the movie with Circle of Confusion’s David Engel. Efron and Alchemy Entertainment’s Jason Barrett will be exec producers.

So, Zefron isn’t just staring he’ll also be an exec producer for the movie.  The movie should see release in 2012