Twitter Fun: Ed Brubaker Takes on Democrats

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Ed Brubaker is an amazing writer bringing us classics such as Criminial, Gotham Central, Iron Fist and Captain America (probably the greatest run ever for the series).  Many of his comics have a political tinge and the writer is more than willing to express his views on his Twitter account.

Case in point.  With the recent special election on Massachusetts the Democrats proved once again they can snatch defeat from victory (and that firing circles haven’t gone out of style).  Brubaker decided to speak out on the subject.

Also this exchange took place:

g_willow – @brubaker I’m breaking up with Barack. I’ve had it with this party.

brubaker – @g_willow I feel you. This is why I never join anything.

You can follow Ed Brubaker on Twitter at  And that’s this installment of Twitter Fun!