Graphic Novel Preview – War is Boring

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Journalism story telling through graphic novels is increasingly being popular and covering everything from War is Boringwars, to major events like the past Presidential election.  A citizen journalist entry into the medium comes this August in the form of War is Boring.  Published by New American Library, written by David Axe and illustrations provided by Matt Bors, Axe describes it as a “graphic memoir” chronicling his travels to war zones across the globe.

Their mission and team:

We are citizen journalists with a deep interest in world and national security. We are opposed to violence but recognize the necessity and utility of war. We advocate diplomacy and compromise over force as a solution to conflict.

We are wary of partisan politics, skeptical of the military-industrial-media complex, calm in the face of extremists’ rhetoric and adamant that open debate almost always trumps secrecy.

We lament the passing of old media but embrace the emergence of New Media. As journalists, we abide by three simple rules:

* Be accurate
* Be honest
* As often as possible, observe first-hand

We are expeditionary, investing our own resources and those donated to us, in order to travel to current and emerging conflict zones.

We emphasize the developing world over the developed, counter-insurgency over Cold-War posturing, peacekeeping over war-making, and persistent land- and sea-power over air bombardment.

We read Tom Ricks and Tom Barnett and listen closely to General David Petraeus, General James Mattis and Admiral James Stavridis.

We try to avoid terms like “war-fighter,” “effects,” “Islamo-fascist” and “GWOT.”

Their website,, has been providing examples of what we can expect with very interesting observations on some of the absurdity that goes on behind the veil of war.

You can find examples of what to expect here, here, here, here and here.  The graphic novel is available for pre-order at  David Axe has previously published the graphic novel War Fix which covered his interest in covering war, and Army 101: Inside ROTC in the Time of War.