Marvel Siege Prologue

Marvel SiegeIf there’s something we’re looking forward to in 2010, it’s Marvel’s next event Siege. It’s a story that’s been seven years in the making and begins this January 2010.

But for those that want to check it out a little bit early Marvel is releasing a digital copy of the prologue.

Get the exclusive prologue to the comic book of 2010 right here! As Norman Osborn and Loki conspire to seize control of Asgard, the history of Thor’s homeland is revealed as Osborn makes a game changing decision! It all leads into the can’t-miss SIEGE #1, on-sale January 2010! But first, rush to your local comic shops on December 30th for Marvel’s New Year’s Eve Eve! Get your free Marvel Calendar, Avenger ID Cards and ORIGINS OF SIEGE comic!

You can check it out at the Marvel site at