Choice Quotes

DMZ #45

Matty Roth – On behalf of the Delgado Administration, I would like to declare that the city of Manhattan is now a nuclear-armed state.  There will be no tests or inspections.  For those in a position to confirm, the serial number of the device is 25287.  The people of this beleaguered city voted and gave us independence, an identity, a nation.  We hope the world realizes that we are prepared to deter and defend that at all costs.  Thank you.


Matty Roth – A majority needs to be overwhelming to work here… overpowering.  So how do you move the people?  How do you move them when they don’t know how to move themselves?  Living “post-racial” was one thing.  Now let’s see what post-nuclear can do.

Unknown Soldier #11

Jack – Nobody wages a war without doing horrible things.  Believe me… I know.

War of Kings: Who Will Rule?

Gladiator – War did this.  With our violence we have injured the very matter of the stars.


Crystal – We are coming here as conquerors.  As invaders.  That’s not something I ever expected to be.