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Choice Quotes

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Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #4

Safiya – It’s just like I’ve said, sisters.  The Anglo Fables talk about equality and independence, but are they really any better than our erstwhile masters?

Siege #2

Bucky – Steve, you need this.  You want to take the country back?  You need to put on the uniform and stand up.  The world needs Captain America.


Hellfire – I don’t get it… why are we recording this?

Nick Fury – What I just described to you is the textbook definition of treason.  It ain’t spy games and it ain’t cutesy crap.  We are declaring war on the United States.  I want it on record it was me who did this.  I want it known it was me.

Hellfire – Like, we’re just kids under your scary influence.

Nick Fury – You are.  Prepare to be taken as prisoner of war if we fail.  Prepare to be treated as an enemy of the state.  If we do not win, and you live, that is what is coming.  All the other things we’ve been working towards, all of it means nothing if we do not do this.  Osborn has to be removed.  He is a threat to the American way of life and that’s that.

Siege: Embedded #2

Clerk – We oughta nuke ’em right outta there!  Just vaporize the whole lot of ’em!  But we ain’t gonna, and you know why?

Ben Urich – Because a nuclear attack on American soil would be unconscionable?

Clerk – Because the President of these United States — a man I did not vote for, mind you, so I don’t know why he gets any say over me and mine — does not have the guts to stand up for his people!


Ben Urich – Because it gets people watching.  And talking about him.  And buying his books.  Controversy creates an audience.


H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent – Each ship has an Osborn-approved member of the press assigned to it.

T0dd Keller – Embedded journalists.

H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent – We’re ensuring cross-network saturation.  Even if someone disagrees with your network’s style, they are still seeing the Asgard event as we intend it to be seen.

Todd Keller – This is really happening isn’t it? We’re going to invade Asgard.

H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent – We are going to invade Asgard, Mister Keller.  You are going to tell the world why it’s a good idea.

Wolverine: Weapon X #10

Melita – My mom is black and my dad’s Mexican, but they don’t care what color my dates are so long as they’re Democrats.

Choice Quotes

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Avengers vs. Atlas #1

Japanese fisherman – We are in compliance with the international whaling commission!  By boarding this ship you are in violation of our laws!

Captain America #602

Teabagger – And don’t forget your briefcase Obama!

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #7

Lady Deadpool – You’re supporting a government that’s appointed itself big brother, stripping away liberties, creating a fascist state “for our own good.”

DMZ #49

From LES: “By removing the nuke and instead using the idea of it as a weapon, Parco’s both commented on the nature of preemption while evoking the legendary ‘missing WMDs’ of wars gone by.”

Choice Quotes

DMZ #46

Danny – That asshole Parco Delgado wears a shiny suit and plays chicken with the rest of the world with a goddam nuke… turning every single one of these innocent civilians into fucking terrorists by association

Liberty Comics #2

Seaton -Darn it, Johnny, the Mayor’s sexually gratifying a rival politician-faced pig!

Johnny – And who says romance is dead.

Secret Six #14

Jeanette – But three thousand years they stayed on their little tropical island while women were treated like cattle all over the world.

Choice Quotes

DMZ #45

Matty Roth – On behalf of the Delgado Administration, I would like to declare that the city of Manhattan is now a nuclear-armed state.  There will be no tests or inspections.  For those in a position to confirm, the serial number of the device is 25287.  The people of this beleaguered city voted and gave us independence, an identity, a nation.  We hope the world realizes that we are prepared to deter and defend that at all costs.  Thank you.


Matty Roth – A majority needs to be overwhelming to work here… overpowering.  So how do you move the people?  How do you move them when they don’t know how to move themselves?  Living “post-racial” was one thing.  Now let’s see what post-nuclear can do.

Unknown Soldier #11

Jack – Nobody wages a war without doing horrible things.  Believe me… I know.

War of Kings: Who Will Rule?

Gladiator – War did this.  With our violence we have injured the very matter of the stars.


Crystal – We are coming here as conquerors.  As invaders.  That’s not something I ever expected to be.

Choice Quotes

Big Hero Six #1

In the history of the world, only one nation has ever suffered a direct nuclear attack — the island monarchy of Japan.  The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War 2 inflicted scars on the national memory that last to this day.  Like any nation, Japan needs to defend itself, but unlike the other great powers, it has forsworn the use of nuclear weapons.  They’ve found another way.

Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers #3

Some gender politics:

Leave my fiancee alone.  Do you hear me?!  And I am not a tramp you chauvinistic $*@!!

And, is this an Obama reference?

To not believe in you, the savior, the uniter… is to not believe in hope.  I choose to believe in hope.

Ex-Machina #38

The Great Machine – Effective immediately, I am retiring from volunteer community crimefighting.  And running as your independent candidate for Mayor of the great city of New York.  I’m hoping to be part of a truly grassroots campaign, one that will finally utilize the internet’s true potential to reach all voters.  Starting today, contributions as small as one dollar can be made directly to my new website at http://www.hundred4mayor.net.  That’s the word hundred and the number four, so please don’t–

And on speaking to the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City:

Deputy Mayor – You’ve officially lost your mind.  You’re really going to deliver a speech from the same stage where the worst President in my lifetime is about to ask this country to give him another shot?

Mayor Hundred – I’m just being a good host, Dave.  Now which one of my stupid old “trophies” do you think I should present to the Vice President tomorrow?

Deputy Mayor – You’re letting Cheney inside Gracie Mansion?

Mayor Hundred – Believe it or not, New York doesn’t belong to the Democrats.

Deputy Mayor – And 9/11 doesn’t belong to the Republicans, no matter what the out-of-towners they’re busing into Madison Square Garden think.  Are you at least going to tell these people to start allocating more antiterrorism funds to the cities that actually need it?

And on Mayor Hundred running for Governor:

Deputy Mayor – You mean… you’re thinking about running for Governor?  Because, no offense, once that seat opens, everyone knows it’s going to Spitzer, unless somebody catches Mr. Clean in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #1

From the writer Greg Pak

In the three years editor Warren Simons and I have been developing “Magneto: Testament,” we’ve struggled with the complicated, rich, and contradictory information the comics give us about Magneto’s life during the Nazi rise to power and World War II.  Different comics give different accounts of Magneto’s name, his age, his ethnicity and religion, his hair color, and even his Auschwitz tattoo number.  But as dedicated Magneto fans have documented, the most compelling and essential material indicates that Magneto was a Jewish boy in Europe during the Nazi ascendancy and provides several key details about the fate of his family and his experiences in Auschwitz.

We’ve done our best to remain true to these elements while fleshing out the rest of our hero’s experiences based on research into the actual historical record.  Longtime readers will notice a wealth of surprising new details — for example, for the firs time, we’re revealing Magneto’s birth name.  And sometimes, because the comics record is contradictory or conflicts with historical fact, we’ve had to choose one detail over another.  But at every step, we’ve done our best to remain true to the key moments that have contributed so much towards making Magneto the deeply compelling character we know today.

But most importantly, in an age in which Holocaust deniers still spread their lies, we’ve done our best to ensure that the real-world history we explore in the series is entirely accurate and that we deal with this unfathomably harrowing material in a way that’s honest, unflinching, human, and humane.  In later issues, we’ll provide citations and suggestions for future reading.  For now, we offer a thousand thanks to Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for his expert advice and historical fact-checking.