Choice Quotes

DMZ #44

Cult Leader – The question is, do you think it can come back?  Do you think it can ever be the same again?

Tony – … probably not.

Cult Leader – I think you’re right.  I think whatever happens, whenever it happens, this city’ll be another Mogadishu, another Monrovia, another Port-Au-Prince.

Tony – That’s harsh.

Cult Leader – The sun is setting on America.  We’re just another failed state, our major cities turned into ghettos.

Fables #87

Bigby – There was no big threat.  No secret, evil group of all-powerful liberals.

Snow – Literals.

Bigby – Right.  Literals.

Green Lantern Corps. #39

Senator Diro – We now have powers — powers to protect ourselves from aliens — all aliens.  We want you and your ring off our world.

Arisia – Get your hands off me — you racist bastard.

Uncanny X-Men #514

Emma Frost – This is was, you cretins– and you’re either with us of against us.  Make up your minds and get out of the way.